The writing of Polly of Bridgewater Farm

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New Review


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New reviews of Polly from Dromore

Colette McNulty
from the ”Cut above Hair Salon” on the Main Street of Dromore
Read ”Polly of Bridgewater Farm”, a most enjoyable read you almost feel part of it !  You can read and re-read it.
Pat McCusker
a resident of Dromore
A fantastic read. A great little bit of Dromore’s social history.
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Polly presentation in North York: photographs

Catharine McKenty presented the Polly story for the North York Historical Society on April 18, 2013.

NYHS_pres_532 NYHS_pres_553 NYHS_pres_561 NYHS_pres_578 NYHS_pres_580 NYHS_pres_597 NYHS_pres_607

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Some irish music

Here is some music from Patrick Hutchison.

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Polly song now on Youtube

See the newly released song:
Scott Griffin – Polly of Bridgewater Farm Instrumental – Irish Famine
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Polly possibilities

Giving people of all ages a sense of hope in difficult times – see the review below from Nigel Frith, principal of a school in Omagh started after the worst bomb atrocity in that city in 1998, four years before the author, Catharine McKenty, went there.

The Polly project
1) interactive internet conversation among students worldwde around themes of hope in difficult times, sharing and connecting with the old ways of farming, family, and survival. Using the book, now available as an ebook, for connecting as well as communicating with Twitter.
2. A movie and an interactive book for children as suggested by readers.
3. One or more Youtube videos with two Polly songs recorded by Welsh composer John Griffin and his son and daughter.
4. A radio play. A scriptwriter for the Cirque du Soleil is already interested.
5. Audio book (already recorded).
6. E-readers in libraries – a big market. The e-book is already available on Amazon, and should be soon at Apple, Kobo, etc.

Reviews of Polly of Bridgewater Farm

We need more books like this that speak of hope in the midst
of adversity.
Nigel Frith, Principal
Omagh Integrated College, Omagh, Northern Ireland

I loved the book. It made me feel part of this family.
Evelyn West,
Past President, Clogher Historical Society, Monahan, rep. of Ireland

Polly is unforgettable.
Marie Foley
Director (ret) Neilsen Gallery, Boston, Mass.

I’ve never seen a book like it.
Mickey McGuinness,
Co-ordinator of the Community, History, and Heritage Project,
Derry, Northern Ireland

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